• Karin Atias

Covid19. What we do as preventative measurements

The federal and state guidelines have categorized moving as essential activities, and many of our Las Vegas folks have understandably opted to put a hold to moving activities during the pandemic. While this may be considered the safest decision, this should not be one taken as the only possible option in our present circumstances. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure the continuity of the best service that we can afford our clients even at this time.

As a moving company based in Las Vegas and keen on blazing the trail for the best attainable moving services in and out of Las Vegas, we are moved to take extra precautions for the safety of our clients during this pandemic. By moving with the times, at present, we have come to accept the present emerging realities bothering on a post-COVID19 world as the new normal. As a result, we as a moving company in our wisdom and the best interest of our clients have elected to take precautionary measures to protect health-wise.

One of such cases where we have taken such steps is in the halting of using moving blankets. Now, we consider completely disposable wrapping products like shrink wraps, foil papers, and furniture wrapping paper, to reduce contact between persons. For customers that insist on the use of moving blankets, we make sure that we deploy the best sanitation and disinfection standards between moves. Also, we know using the services of moving companies demand a lot of paper-work to be done, this means the passing of the pen and paper presents a health risk we cannot ignore if we are to prioritize our clients' health. We flipped the switch on that as we have digitalized most of our paper-work. So, you see more of virtual surveys and forms instead of physical, paper-based copies.

In line with our commitment to always put the safety of our clients first and being Las Vegas' best moving company, our staffs are mandated to wear face-masks and gloves always when working. After moving, we also make sure to wipe down and disinfect all the items being moved with anti-bacterial wipes as a precautionary measure. We disinfect our equipment after every use. As a necessary step, we operate an advisory policy where we warn clients about the potential health risks and implications of certain moves and advice against high-risk destinations. We also make arrangements for clients to reschedule their move if they feel apprehensive about a move.

We also maintain the best health practices by maintaining social distancing, even when working. While servicing high-risk individuals (individuals that are above the age of 60 and have any kind of lung ailments or diabetes), we take our safety precaution a notch higher by advising on the best way how such an individual may be serviced. In a bid to avoid a potential spread of the virus, we exercise due care and accurate discretion when an option for moving jobs to take. For instance, we would not opt to undertake a moving job for a client observing quarantine as that could put the safety of our other clients in jeopardy. We believe a subjective assessment of each case in this instance is required, and we make these assessments regularly and follow the outcomes religiously.

Finally, clients can always trust us and rest easy in the knowledge that we offer these services with their safety playing a non-negotiable role. To this end, we are a moving company that does more than merely observing the protocols set aside by the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention to help prevent the spread of the COVID19 disease. We go even further, looking to minimize risks and make your experience worthwhile because, for us, even though the safety and satisfaction of our clients come first, it is more about just satisfying our clients—It is a contribution of our quota to correcting the wrongly held notion that the business of moving in these times is a sweaty business in the cloud of a deadly virus.

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