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Moving can sometimes be a necessary evil in a world where our clients are quite the saints. As Las Vegas movers, we pride ourselves in satisfying the moving needs of our clients—whether a little nudge down the road, a long stretch to another street, a total relocation of your movables to another neighborhood, city or even county—whether it’s a newly acquired home or a place of residence, we are always at our clients’ beck and call to assist in getting rid of their stress!

Our Services

Las Vegas Local Moving

 As Las Vegas movers with a powerful logistics presence within the U.S, we are available to offer the best moving services across Las Vegas and beyond. Choose us over other movers for a smooth experience with our highly skilled moving specialists to suit your moving needs. We have a strong base of packman to pack, unpack, haul, and deliver your movables with due care. We operate on your terms and at your convenience.

Long Distance Moving

 Our competitively priced and affordable range of moving services makes the ideal choice for your long-distance moving needs. Asides being cheap Las Vegas movers, we have the experience to move to any desired location within the U.S. Our services are readily accessible at any location nation-wide, we help you ease the burden with a tested and trusted plan when moving—so no matter the distance and size of your move, you are always ahead of the curve.  

Storage Services

  Just as you ascribe us more value over other Las Vegas movers, we understand that some goods are of more value than others. Thanks to our state-of-the-art storage facilities, we also offer storage services that guarantee the safety of goods that you value the most—or more than others. Whether you are moving abroad, traveling, or renovating, our short and long-term storage access is always made available.

Packing & Unpacking

  With our personalized approach to executing the dualized steps required in moving your movables—boxing and unboxing, zipping and unzipping, lifting and dropping. We move your belongings like they were our own—We also make sure we do so carefully that we barely leave a trace behind—you’ll like the way we move it!

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Money well spent. To be honest, before now, I've had few terrible experiences with Moving companies, and I have always thought I was a better mover than most if anything, but Fly Right movers have been pure class with the way they handled my moving this time around. I really like the extra care and professionalism they put into the entire moving process.

Joseph D. Callahan